Gear Drives


The Falk V-Class® gear drive is the new standard in gear drives from Rexnord - a drive that’s born to lead and built to last. When asked for the gear drive that delivers reliability, keeps maintenance costs down, maximizes uptime and utilizes the latest technology, the answer is the Falk V-Class. With its cooler operating temperature, optimal power and advanced technology, the Falk V-Class gear drive outperforms and outlasts the competition.


  • Heavy-duty ductile iron housing and optimized bevel and helical tooth forms
  • Horizontally Split Housing
  • Magnum seals have an exclusive no-leak design
  • Proprietary oil feed passages in the housing


    • More Torque Capacity Handles the Heaviest Loads
    • Easy disassembly/assembly for maintenance of bearings and gearing without removing the reducer from its location
    • Reliable Components for Long-term Operation
    • improved lubrication and provide optimal cooling resulting in reduced Oil Temperature

    Industries served: mining, cement & aggregate, pulp & paper, power generation,

    Typical Applications: conveyors, elevators, reclaimers/stackers, classifiers, crushers, pumps, dryers, mills, mixers, feeders

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