Freewheels and Backstops


Saving your equipment.

BSDĀ® freewheels and backstops are typical safety devices preventing connected equipment from damages following overload or disruptions.
They are being used as:

Overrunning Clutch
The freewheel automatically disengages when the driven part rotates
faster than the driving part

The freewheel allows for rotating in one direction only while preventing
reverse rotation at disconnection of the drive

Freewheel Clutch
The freewheel allows the conversion of a reciprocating motion into a
rotational motion


  • As clamping roller or centrifugal releasing wedge type design
  • Symmetric parts
  • Combinations with overload clutches or elastic couplings


    • Robust design
    • High torque ratings and bore diameters
    • High idling / overrunning speeds and times

    Design Examples

    Standard Freewheel
    BSD Irreversible Lock
    Falk NRT True Hold Backstop

    Industries served: metal and steel, mining, paper, automotive

    Typical Applications: main and secondary drives, gears, pumps, rolling mill machinery, iron and steel machinery, conveyor belts, excavators

    Freewheel Models

    Series 200x
    Series 201x
    Series 2020-...-010
    Series 2020-...-020
    Series 2020-...-030
    Series 220x
    Series 221x
    Series 222x
    Series 225x
    Series 228x

    Backstop Models

    Series 226x
    Series 227x
    Series 260x
    Series 271x
    Series 227x-...-700
    Series 260x-...-700