Thomas XTSR52


For decades the reliability of Thomas SR52 couplings have led the industry as the most highly specified disc coupling by rotating equipment engineers around the globe.

Rexnord has advanced the design and performance with the introduction of the XTSR52. The new design is engineered with optimum torque density ratios to minimize overhung loads while transmitting maximum torque and ensuring reliable and safe performance.

The XTSR52 is available as standard flexible membrane coupling or in special designs including torsionally tuned, breaker pin, electrically insulated, brake drum and brake disc.


  • Optimum torque density
  • Unitized disc pack
  • Tapered bolt design
  • Manganese Phosphate


    • Low overhung loads / lower cost of ownership
    • Easy installation
    • Quick installation without damaging the disc pack
    • Standard protective coating


    • Electrically insulated
    • Torsionally adjusted
    • Limited end float
    • Torque meter
    • Reduced sparking
    • Meets ATEX II 2GD cT6 and ISO 14691

    Industries served: petrochemical, power generation, oil & gas, refineries

    Typical Applications: pumps, compressors, blowers, fans, turbines, synchronized rollers, wire feeders