Modulflex - Torsionally stiff and flexible Coupling


The BSD® Modulflex® is an all-metall, flexible disc coupling featuring factory-assembled, interference-fit bolt joints unlike standard disc couplings.

In addition to its modular design, Modulflex delivers higher speeds, greater torque transmission and easier installation.

Also available in Aluminium and Titanium. All models are available with optional integrated Koniclamp® clamping hubs.

We are proud to inform you that we have a patent pending for a new, simplified design of the Rexnord Modulflex Disc Coupling. The new Rexnord Modulflex 92x5 Disc Coupling is ideal for the automotive, power generation, marine, mining, metal, and cement industries. The precision and the dynamic safety of this modular design have been improved significantly. New slotted bush disc pack connection allows increased coupling nominal torque ratings by 20 percent compared to the former Rexnord Modulflex 92x1 Disc Coupling design.

More information about the new Rexnord Modulflex 92x5 Disc Coupling design is available on the product upgrade sheet.


  • Torsionally stiff and flexible
  • Integrated clamping hubs
  • Reduced coupling envelope
  • Low weight
  • Custom design & engineering


    • Modular design
    • Easy installation
    • Standard parts for a wide variety of connections
    • Marine type approvals acc. to EN 10204 3.2
    • ATEX II2G / II2D and M2 T6 compliant

    Design Examples

    Modulflex for test bench applications
    Coupling-Clutch package for ship main drives

    Industries served: automotive, marine, mining, energy, cement & aggregates

    Typical Applications: ship drives, test equipment, high speed compressors, reciprocating torque and high speed applications