Product overview


Rexnord represents the most comprehensive portfolio of power transmission and conveying components in the world with the Rexnord® , Falk™ and Link-Belt® brands.

Rexnord is a trusted name when it comes to providing skillfully engineered products that improve productivity and efficiency for industrial applications worldwide. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations in every area of our business.

Take a closer look at what separates Rexnord from the rest.  




Rexnord offers the widest range of flexible couplings including elastomeric, metallic disc, composite disc, metallic grid and gear couplings to meet all of your application requirements.

Clamping Hub Systems

Rexnord BSD® provides optimally designed and manufactured clamping hubs with integrated releasing technology for use either with the MODULFLEX® torsionally stiff coupling, in combination with an actuated clutch design or as separate shaft components wherever shafts are connected or overload protection is needed.



Monitorq™ provides a true measurement of torque, from any location in a drive train. Proven strain-gauge technology is used with a short range telemetry system to measure and transmit real-time torque data.

Torque Limiters

Rexnord offers a variety of torque limiters as either ball detent version separating the drive or friction disc design slipping at overload thus protecting your drive.


Clutches & Brakes

The Rexnord BSD® multi disc, pneumatically or hydraulically operated clutches and brakes are used were loads must be accelerated or decelerated and for controlled shifting between shafts driven at different speeds.

Freewheels & Backstops

Rexnord freewheels and backstops are the product of choice where rugged construction, durability and quality are the deciding factors.



Rexnord offers a wide variety of standard and engineered bearings including mounted roller bearings, mounted ball bearings and composite dry sliding bearings.


Rexnord is a leading manufacturer of gear drives and gear sets for the heavy-duty industrial market. Gear drives reduce the output speed and increase the torque from an electronic motor or engine to the level required to drive a particular piece of equipment.